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International Business Required Courses
BA500 Cultural Foundations of American Business
BA581 Marketing Management
BA582A Research Methologies l
BA582B Research Methologies ll
BA589 International Marketing (Prerequisite: BA500 or BA581)
BA596 International Business Law
BA600 International Personnel Management
BA605 International Business Policy
BA637 Organizational Behavior
BA649 Principles of Finance (Prerequisite: AC250)
BA656 Managerial Finance (Prerequisite: AC250)
BA678 Theory of Investment
BA682 World Politics and International Business
BA689 Import-Export Trade Operations
IN500 Guided Study Scholarship
BE610 Managing Across Cultures
BE582C Research Master's Thesis

Three electives must be chosen from other graduate courses or the University's upper-division courses (those numbered in 300 or 400 series).
All graduate level courses except elective courses carry three quarter units credit and include a prerequisite of graduate standing. Under special circumstances, the dean may grant permission for an advanced undergraduate (senior standing) to enroll in one graduate course per quarter.