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Five Biggest Secrets to Becoming a Successful Student

I. Choose an older established and licensed university

Newer universities or universities that take a general approach have become problematic for students. For instance, some national universities went out of business due to not following state and federal regulations. 50% of colleges and universities will close shop in the next few years according to Forbes.

  • California International University  has been educating students for nearly 50 years.
  • CIU is fully licensed by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education
  • CIU received a commendation from the mayor of Los Angeles
  • CIU students have been taught by faculty from Ivy League Institutions, UCLA and Pepperdine

II. The university you choose should assist students with F-1 visas

F-1 Visa approvals have decreased 27% according to the US Department of State. One the reasons for this is that lack of understanding that many colleges have with new Visa laws. California International University has a team of counselors to easily guide students through the F-1 visa process. We are also proud to have on our staff immigration attorney Judith Woods. Her expertise is so world-renowned that a movie entitled Saint Judy was produced based on her life.

III. Choose a university that help you find employment

Many international students find it difficult to gain employment after graduation. CIU works with local and international businesses in order to gain employment for our students. CIU also employs students on campus to help with finances.

CIU helped me find my dream job.

Brain Tango, Graduate of CIU
IV. Choose a university that assists you with housing

According to a survey by Best Practices, over 80% of new college students complain about the difficulty and stress of finding a place to live when first going to college or attending graduate school. CIU assists all students with housing needs by:

  • Housing Counselors
  • Roommate Introductions
  • Survey Analysis of Local Housing

V. Tutoring enhances success

According to the U.S. Department of Education, tutoring enhances retention 440%. It is simply one of the best tools for students to utilize to help with:

  • Improving English
  • Understanding Subject Material
  • Preparing for Tests

Unfortunately, tutoring now costs many students $45 to $80 an hour. However, CIU professors and the Chief Academic Officer provides students with tutoring FREE OF CHARGE.