Hello, My name is Kelvin Sun. As your Head Librarian, please know that CIU is proud to offer you access to our excellent library. For nearly fifty years, we have been surveying student responses in order to improve our resources and assist students in their academic endeavors. Our library includes:

  • Thousands of books and articles

Weekly and monthly subscriptions to serious business and social articles including: Forbes, The Los Angeles Business Journal, Harvard Business Review, Wall Street Journal, INC., College Planning and Management and much more.

We also provide new books as well as classic business writings for the students for research and academic assignments. We are continuously upgrading our volumes and articles:

CIU also has an outstanding computer laboratory in the library. We understand that many resources and research is now being done digitally. Our computers are constantly updated, cleaned and we offer workshops on the best practices of computer research. The lab is also equipped with a printer and copy machine.

We understand that as students you work very hard. The library can simply be a place to relax, study and even have some leisure time. We want you to have a place where students can study together, talk or simply relax. We are happy to offer fun readings that you can enjoy and have some down time to recuperate. Some articles are pertinent to your studies, but it is okay to sometimes simply read for fun.

Finally, here is the favorite book and resource of President Dr. Todd Eller. It is the first book on the first shelf on the top row.