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Bachelor of Science in Business Management
The purpose of the undergraduate program at California International University is to facilitate students' intellectual development, as well as to acquire practical knowledge and skills which will help them achieve their professional goals in the field of business and management.
Program requirements
Candidates for the Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management at California International University must complete a total of 180 quarter units of work. One quarter unit equals 11 hours of instruction and examination. Students transferring from regionally-accredited programs or state-approved institutions or programs determined to be comparable to accredited programs by the Credentials Evaluation Service may transfer a maximum of 135 quarter units to CIU. A minimum of forty-five (45) quarter units must be completed while the student is enrolled at CIU, including the final twelve (12) quarter units.

Candidates are required to complete 72 units of general education in basic subjects, behavioral science, intercultural studies, natural science, humanities, and social science.In addition, candidates are required to complete a minimum of 72 units in their major with 52 units being business core requirements and 20 units in the management concentration.

Thirty six (36) units of electives are required for the student to complete the degree.Electives may be in such areas as information systems, accounting, business, or general education.