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Undergraduate course requirements
General Education Courses:
Basic Skills
EN101 Expository Writing
EN105 Composition and Argumentation
EN200 Literature and Society
EN205 Public Speaking
MA111 College Algebra
MA112 College Algedra ll
HU136 Thinking Critically
Core Courses
HS108 United States History Through 1876
HS109 United States History Since 1876
PS112 Institutions of American Government
BH114 Contemporary Social Issues
CC116 Intercultural Communications
HU121 Comparative Studies in World Culture
HU124 Introduction to World Literature
NS140 Environmental Science
MA219 Statistics
Select two of the following general education courses:
BH113 Psychology in the Workplace
HS127 History of American Business
PS249 The United States and Developing Nations
HS499 Directed Research in the History of American Culture
Course Numbering System
100-299 Introductory, lower division undergraduate
300-499 Advanced, upper division undergraduate
500-699 Graduate level
Subject Area Abbreviations:
AC Accounting   HT Human Rights
BH Behavioral Science   HU Humanities
CC Communications   IB International Business
EC Economics   IS Information Systems
EN English   LW Law
FA Fine Arts   MA Mathematics
FL Foreign Language   MG Management
FN Finance   MK Marketing
HR Human Resources   NS Natural Science
HS History   PS Political Science
Required Business Courses:
Business Core Requirements:
Lower Division
MG200 Introduction to Business
LW201 Fundamentals of Business Law
AC250 Principles of Accounting I
AC251 Principles of Accounting II
EC255 Microeconomics
Upper Division
MG301 Principles of Management
FN305 Foundations of Financial Management
CC307 Business Communications
MK313 Principles of Marketing
MG322 Introduction to International Business
AC353 Managerial Accounting
MG456 Business Policy, Planning, and Strategy
EC356 Macroeconomics
Management Concentration
MG311 Organizational Behavior
HR400 Human Resource Management
MG345 Cultural Influence in Business Ethics
MG411 Entrepreneurship
MG483 Directed Research in Management
Electives (Select nine courses from the following list of electives to complete your program.)
AC361 Income Tax Procedures
CC368 Leadership in Human Relation
CC400 Strategic Communications
FN354 Money and Banking
IS339 Business Information Systems
IS370 Database Management
IS372 Computer Applications in Business
IS373 Web Based Programming
IS375 Computers and Accountin
MG317 Government Regulations in Business
MG484 Directed Studies in Management
MG403 Labor / Management Relation
MG490 General Systems Theories
MK221 Essentials of Salesmanship
MK330 Public Relations
MK352 Consumer Behavior
HT420 International Human Rights
IN400 Guided Study Scholarship
**All undergraduate courses are four quater units unless otherwise noted.